Re-imagined Solar with Demand Management


Have you been told that solar is dead in SRP?

Re-imagined solar solutions with demand management technology can unlock significant savings for SRP customers under the controversial E27 rate plan. These innovative systems rely on a proven and highly-sophisticated hardware/software module that works in conjunction with rooftop solar to stomp down costly demand peaks.

Quote_TroyAdams_2.pngWhen activated, the demand manager stabilizes your home’s overall energy consumption by carefully cycling a pre-selected list of large electric loads on and off, during peak hours. This process allows customers to take full control of their their energy consumption and avoid the costly demand spikes that occur when numerous, high-energy electric appliances cycle on at the same time. 
Click to learn how Troy in Gilbert went from purchasing 28 kWh per day to just one!

Quote_Holtzman_2.pngOnce your overall demand curve is smoothed out, you're effectively avoiding the costly demand spikes that can dramatically increase an electric bill under SRP's E27 solar plan. But that's not all! When SRP rolled out the new demand fees, they also reduced the base kWh price under the E27 plan to levels not seen since the 1970s! So by eliminating your demand spikes with our new technology, you're also gaining access to the cheapest electricity we've seen in decades.
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